American Institute of Implant Dentistry Awards Various Certifications

With more than two decades of experience in the field of dentistry, Dr. Azadeh Khajavi established her dental practice in 1994 in the San Diego area. She provides her patients with a wide range of services, such as performing implant and cosmetic dentistry as well as treating neuromuscular issues. To stay up to date on changes made within the dental industry, Dr. Azadeh Khajavi belongs to the American Institute of Implant Dentistry (AIID).

A non-profit organization located in Washington, DC, the AIID was formed in 1996. It aims to educate clinicians on technologies and techniques pertaining to implant dentistry and offers certification for its members in implantology. According to the AIID, implant dentistry is the fastest-growing area of dentistry.

However, because implant dentistry is becoming a popular choice for patients, there are now many practices offering this type of service. As a result, it may be difficult for patients to ascertain which particular practice best suits their needs. AIID-certified dentists must first become AIID members, and then follow their country’s and state’s laws pertaining to certification. They also must fulfill certain continuing education (CE) credits, depending upon the level of certification desired: AIID associates have all the required foundational knowledge of implant dentistry and possess 50 CEs; AIID experts have clinical expertise in implant dentistry and possess 75 CEs; and at the top of the ladder, AIID scholars have the ultimate recognition for clinical experience in implant dentistry and possess 100CEs.


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