Dr. Azadeh Khajavi, AKA Dr. Amy

Founder of Zirconia Implants institute. ‘ I beleive metal free dental  implants, ie, Zirconia Implants, are the best implants. Patients should be informed about the benefits of metal free implants.”


“Always do the right thing.”

During the day, when I get the chance to be by myself, I say it out loud “Dear God,  universe, energy and power, Please listen to me. Please help me be a good person, be a good mother, be a good dentist, be a fair person, I remain  humble to you. I know you have the power to take all the blessings away from me any time you want. So I do not take them for granted and am thankful for what you have given me. Amen

I recommend  these daily talks  with the higher power .  It is very important!