Metal free Dental Implants


Full mouth reconstruction On Zirconia dental implants


There are better options than wearing dentures:

1-All on 4 TITANIUM metals and a denture that gets screwed on the 4  titanium implants

2- All on 6  METAL FREE ZIRCONIA DENTAL implants and all zirconia crowns over them. It is awesome . No Metal in your mouth, feels like you just had your natural teeth back.

Check the videos of patients who had their mouth redone with all on 6 zirconia metal free dental implants:   or call 858 774 2010


Dr. Amy Khajavi



“Always do the right thing.”

During the day, when I get the chance to be by myself, I say it out loud “Dear God,  universe, energy and power, Please listen to me. Please help me be a good person, be a good mother, be a good dentist, be a fair person, I remain  humble to you. I know you have the power to take all the blessings away from me any time you want. So I do not take them for granted and am thankful for what you have given me. Amen

I recommend  these daily talks  with the higher power .  It is very important!